Scientific and practical journal ""

The journal publishes articles of leading scientists, practitioners, professors, postgraduates, undergraduates, covering topical issues in theory and practice of legal activity.

The journal is included in the list of scientific editions of Belarus for the publication of the results of dissertation research on legal sciences by the Higher Attestation Commission of the Republic of Belarus.

Since 2014 the journal enters in the scientometric database ”Russian Science Citation Index“ (RSCI). This database contains about one million registered readers from neighboring countries and abroad. Scientific articles are placed in RSCI after coming out of the printed edition, thereby it improves the rating of scientific citation of authors and their materials.

The journal is issued six times a year. Each number has more than 20 articles. The journal volume is around 150 pages.

Journal index

  • Topical issues
  • Persons 
  • Comments on legislation 
  • Scientific publications 
    • Theory and history of law and the state 
    • Constitutional law 
    • Civil law. Business Law 
    • Family Law. Childhood protection 
    • Civil process 
    • Administrative law, administrative process 
    • Financial Law. Tax law. Budget Law 
    • Labor and Employment Law. Social Security Law 
    • Land law. Environmental law. Agricultural law 
    • Criminal Law. Criminology. Penal law 
    • Criminal process, Criminalistics 
    • Judicial activities 
    • Information law. Legal Informatization 
    • Legal education 
    • Legal psychology 
    • National security 
    • International law 
    • Foreign experience 
  • Reviews 
  • Issues of public legal information centers

Contacts of the Editorial Board:

office 606, 1a, Berson Str., Minsk, 220030, Republic of Belarus

Phone: (+375 17) 279 99 48, fax (+375 17) 279 99 09, (+375 33) 323 02 40 (mts), (+375 44) 536 57 40 (velcom)



To order a printed version subscription:
  • In RUE ”Belpochta“;
  • In kiosks of RUE ”Belsoyuzpechat“;
  • On the site of RUE ”Belpochta“.

Subscription indices in the Republic of Belarus:

  • for institutional subscribers - 007962 (cost of subscription to one edition is 15,88 belarusian rubles);
  • for individual subscribers - 00796 (cost of subscription to one edition is 15,57 belarusian rubles);
  • for libraries (preferential) – 00798 (cost of subscription to one edition is 14,48 belarusian rubles). 

Subscription indexes for foreign subscribers: 

in the Russian Federation - 00796 (catalog «MK-Periodika») 

in the Ukraine - 796 (catalog of the State Enterprise «Pressa»)

To order an electronic version subscription:

The electronic version price of the journal is 4,0 belarusian rubles.

To subscribe for the electronic version, fill in the electronic application and pay cost of the journal’s edition by money transfer to the account specified in the invoice.

In the comment to the payment please specify: 

  • the number of the journal’s edition(s) for which the money are transferred (for example, «For a subscription to «» № 2-2020») 
  • the name and e-mail for feedback and obtaining electronic edition(s) version of the journal.

Retail purchase 

The journal retail price is 14,52 belarusian rubles.

Ways to purchase: 

  • Webstore 
  • National Center of Legal Information of the Republic of Belarus: office 118, 1a, Berson Str., Minsk, 220701, Republic of Belarus 
  • regional centers of legal information;
  • book-selling network of the Republic of Belarus.

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