The formation of the information society in Belarus is one of the main priorities of national development. Belarus has made concrete steps toward introducing information technologies into the legal sphere and thereby, has made public information on the activity of state bodies accessible to a wide group of people. The state system of legal information of the Republic of Belarus (SSLI), created by applying modern information technologies to the legal sphere, guarantees everyone the possibility of realizing his or her inalienable right to obtain complete, valid and official legal information.

Responsibility for the operation and development of the SSLI belongs to the National Center of Legislation and Legal Information of the Republic of Belarus (the NCLLI), which is a scientific and practical institution of the central state, in the sphere of legal informatization. The NCLLI is ideological in coordinating these processes and performing these functions with the decisions and edicts of the President of the Republic of Belarus No 338 of June 30, 1997 and No 524 of October 30, 1998.

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